Commercial CleaningPeople spend more than half of the time they are awake at their work place. Even tough when we mention cleaning we think of doing it mainly at home, it’s imperative to know that the office needs to be even cleaner. Commercial buildings host a lot of people every day. They come in and out and track mud and other dirt. Furthermore, the conditions are favourable for viruses and other illnesses to occur. This is why office spaces need to really be sanitized and Cleaners Manchester specialises in this.

The services you can choose from

We will send our highly – trained workers with tremendous expert knowledge in the field of cleaning to assist you with sanitizing your office space. They are very experienced and you will barely feel their presence. We offer two main types of commercial cleaning services in Manchester. The first one is conducted periodically similar to our House cleaning and End of tenancy procedure. We will come once or twice a month and clean the office thoroughly. We will bring our steam cleaners and special non-toxic solutions. This type of cleaning requires an initial inspection. But don’t worry we will do the whole Commercial Cleaning Manchesterthing in the afterhours or during the weekends so that your work process won’t be impeded. This is what makes us really special. Our cleaners are quick, effective but at the same time remain invisible to you and your co-workers. The second task we can accomplish is the day-to-day cleaning job. What we do is basically assign a group of cleaners to take care of your office daily. This service requires signing a contract with fixed duration. Our workers will basically work for you full time and will come in every morning for all the required sanitizing procedures. They will clean your desks, floors and toilets. That involves changing toilet paper and napkins in the kitchen. This service includes garbage disposal too and at this moment it is very popular among companies.

We have the capacity to even conduct commercial cleaning in Manchester’s storage houses and old factories. Upon clearing out an office space or factory we can also perform a great cleaning service. Our workers are trained to work with specialised machinery and are fully licensed to handle all sorts of items and objects we can even do curtain cleaning. We also have full insurance so basically everything we give you is risk-free. Our crew is:

  • Experienced
  • Well-mannered
  • Outgoing
  • Friendly

Money matters

Our prices will blow you away (in a positive way).  Cleaners Manchester takes pride in the excellent service we provide but keep in mind that the prices are average. We are not fans of overcharging and we believe that customer satisfaction comes first. Take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee policy and give us a call today. If you commit to a long term deal with us we will give you even better prices that get reduced in time. Call our number and get some more info by our representatives today. You can also go online and find us there.